Discharge From a Skin Mole

Discharge From a Skin Mole

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Skin moles are benign tumors. They develop gradually over the first 25 years of your life. Discharge from a skin mole could be a warning sign of skin cancer.

Skin Mole Discharge

Discharge from a mole can be bloody or it can look like pus. A skin mole emitting discharge could appear to have a sore in the center of its mass, according to "Handbook of Cosmetic Skin Care."


Discharge from a skin mole can be a sign of a malignant growth on the skin. It is important to contact your doctor if you experience discharge, especially if mole is irregularly shaped or growing rapidly.


A doctor can take a biopsy of the mole to see if it is malignant. She can also surgically remove the mole in order to also remove possible skin cancer.


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