How to Create Your Own Personal Mantra

How to Create Your Own Personal Mantra

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Personal mantras are affirmations that we use to change aspects of our lives. Dating back thousands of years, mantras are traditionally syllables and poems in the Sanskrit language created through a complex numerical system based on date and time of birth, as well as the numeric value of your name. Today, mantras are more widely recognized as any statement that affirms the way we want to live our lives.

Make a list of three things you'd like to change about your life. Write them in the form of "I am," such as "I am stressed, I am debt-ridden, I am stuck." Don't put too much thought into it. Just jot down the first three thoughts that come to mind.

Beside each item on your list, write down its opposite, such as "I am relaxed, I am financially free, I am moving on."

String these positive revelations together into a sentence in whatever order or form is pleasing to you, as long as it begins with "I am," such as "I am moving on in a relaxed state of financial freedom."

Type or handwrite your new, personal mantra on an index card and post it somewhere that you will see it often. Feel free to get creative, embellishing your mantra with any colors or drawings that are pleasing to you. If necessary, make multiple copies--one for your bathroom, one for your desk and another for your car. Repeat it to yourself several times throughout the day, silently or aloud. Make it a habit--first thing in the morning, before you go to bed and any time you find yourself focusing on the very things your mantra is intended to change.

Hold on to this mantra for as long as it feels helpful to you. Anytime you like, repeat steps 1 through 4 to create a new personal mantra that can help you change other aspects of your life.


  • If any positive quotes or sayings resonate deeply with you, they can be personal mantras, too.